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Hi, I’m Audrey, passionate and proud photographer based in the rural area of Dungiven, County Derry, Northern Ireland. I’m a family person and love being surrounded by those I love, and love me back. Wife to a supportive husband and mummy of two. My oldest is Chloe (10) and youngest is Cahan (3) and i dare not forget my new four legged baby Jake. I can see Chloe is clearly as ambitious and driven as what I am, and knows exactly what she wants already! unfortunately for me this is a plot of land, muck, wellies and sheep! Yip, she’s gonna be the farmer I wish I could have been! My only hope lies in Cahan to snap up the camera and become Mr. Kelly, photographer extraordinaire.

I’m a down to earth country girl at heart who doesn’t mind getting my feet dirty. Sundays are my favourite day of the week. It’s ‘family’ day spent at the cinema, dinning out or just simple valuable time at home... chilling.

I love catching up with my friends, the occasional night out, and throwing a few dodgy shapes on the dance floor...Lets face it, who doesn’t? It’s the most fun exercise and helps me forget about how much chocolate I’ve ate all day...Oh, I LOVE chocolate! no doubt my 2nd most favourable thing after my joint 1sts - Photography and my kids (Obviously) :)

My journey is creative thinking, and my fuel is the people I meet and make happy along the way. I’ve achieved a lot in my five years as a full time photographer, I'm always pushing the boundaries and regularly enter into local and international photography awards which provide me with not only positive feedback on my work but allow me to continue to better myself and strive for not only regional but my ultimate dream of international appreciation.

In 2012 , as my business continued to thrive, I built the stylish studio that I always longed for, this boutique style space would allow me to push my specialised areas, family, newborns, and fine art portraits, with my brief being ‘homelike’ I designed and created, which I believe is the perfect warm welcoming environment that my families, kids and couples can feel comfortable in, with the added twist of a little quirkiness and class.

With my great love for people, interior decors, and continued inspiration of old and everyday art - i find in many ways reflects and influences me to help me create unique timeless portraits with a little personal and passionate charm.

My eye for detail, attention to fine art, knack for interior design and love of all things vintage is united by my guilty pleasure, which is sad as it might be to some, I'm a massive dance/cheesy pop fan. This music genre allows me to unleash my inner child and as I often tell those that can't quite understand my music choices - it helps keep the soul young.

On a final note I truly believe laughter is the best medicine, nothing beats a good giggle! Hugs make me happy, and tea and biscuits on the sofa are the perfect ending to any day. I feel proud of my achievements to date and feel like I want to achieve so much more. There are places to see, people to meet and new things to learn. So join me on my journey, let your hair down and turn up the music...

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