Founded by award-winning photographer Audrey Kelly in 2009, C2 Photography and Design is now one of the most respected photography studios in Northern Ireland.

Audrey opened the doors to C2 photography and design (officially) in 2009, after only working 2 years previously as an employed graphic designer, although she loved this job she always had a burning desire to be self employed. and with the love for storytelling and working with people being the fort front of this driving force she knew that with a established business and doing something that she loved. that it would be passionately driven to succeed. and that it did - at the humble beginnings Geared only with a clear view on what she wanted and the lend of her in-laws basement to created her first studio… along side getting to grips with starting a new business Audrey also put all her focus on becoming the best of her abilities , and regularly attended training and workshops all over the world , this eagerness to learn and succeed in something that she loved - enabled a fast rapid growth, in not only the personal side of her life but also in the photography industry… Audrey created an identity and brand later to be associated with luxury, quality photography and exceptional customer experience. Also aided with her knowledge in graphic design, brand awareness and flair in interior design she Opened a purpose built home studio of her own in 2012 , see opening night video here and then a high street premises in 2014 (watch promo here) during these times creating a respectful reputation and clientele and a familiar name in the photography industry as an multi award winning photographer and trainer.

Making your experience at C2 a pleasurable one

Owner and Studio Dog Audrey and Jake

Audrey and Jake Kelly


Studio manager suzanne

Suzanne O’Kane


  Audrey became active in photography competitions regionally and within the UK , receiving her first award for her photography skills even after the first year entering in 2013. Since then she has collected over 55 pieces of glass and allocates which are proudly displayed in her studio , some of these awards include - PPANI Overall photographer of the year Northern Ireland 4 times running over periods 2013 - 2017. Audrey is also the president of the professional photographers association of Northern Ireland.. Her work can now be recognised throughout the world and has been display in competitions in London, Europe and as far as USA.


Maternity Photographer of the Year 2018

Portrait Photographer of the Year 2018

Overall Illustrative of 2018

Overall Open Winner of 2017

Overall Nouveau Winner of 2016

Digital Art Photographer of the Year 2015


Current president of Northern Ireland’s photography association

Wedding Photographer of the year 2018

Overall Photographer of the Year 2017

Overall Photographer of the Year 2016

Portrait Photographer of the Year 2015


Photographer of the Year 2017


Gold Award