All the information to need so that you and your family have a relaxed experience with us.

We put a lot of passion and effort into ensuring we capture natural, happy moments and milestones for you to enjoy for a lifetime, that is why your experience with us from the get go is so important. We have designed this informative page to help get you organised with zero stress, so that you can come along to your studio experience with the knowledge and comfort of what to expect before, during and after your session with us.

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Purpose build in 2012 and with a strong vision in mind to design and structure this space with cosy furnishings, warm colours , but yet with a modern quirky feel, this stylistic comfortable space will create your first impressions, From the moment you are welcomed in our door, you and your family will no doubt feel just at home.

FINDING US - Our studio is location approx 1.5mile outside the village of Dungiven Co.Derry in Northern Ireland



MONDAY - Closed

TUESDAY (10am-5pm & 7pm-9pm),

WEDNESDAY - non appointment day

THURSDAY (10am-5pm & 7pm-9pm)

FRIDAY - non appointment day

SATURDAY (10am - 4pm)

SUNDAY - Closed


LIMITATIONS - We are happy to cater up to a max of 10 adults in one sitting (subject numbers could be increased if small children and infants are to be included)

OUR FACILITIES - Help yourself to a variety of Herbal teas, Coffees and Cold drinks at our beverage station, Also stalked with some light snacks for everyone to enjoy. We are proud to have covered all angles and cater for gluten and diary free too. We are health conscience individuals so not forgetting the organic and healthy sweet snacks for the little ones. We have a toilet on the premises and this private space can also be used if you want to change outfit or freshened up before your shoot.

We have a professionally designed magazine with all this pages content for easy reading - get your free e-copy today

Let your soul be built with a collection of moments. You won’t realise it until much later, but these are the memories that make you.
— source: someones mother


We are passionate about printing and preserving and have developed a range of specialised wall art and Products to suit our style and more importantly ensuring it fits within your home. We take a lot of pride in what we do and the finish craft of our work, and source only the best suppliers to fit our standards. We also understand that budgets vary from clients and also the wall spaces within their homes but we believe we Have suitable styles, budgets and finishes for you all. We want everything perfect for you this is why we have created complimentary planning sessions so that we can plan within your budgets, take into consideration your space and even educate on what to wear.

You can choose from our a la crate menu or if you like a some savings perhaps our packages may be of interest to you …



SIMPLICITY - it’s exactly what it says on the tin - simple stand alone wall art, for a Minimal space allowance ranging in sizes 8x12,16x12, 20x16 and 20x24 inch

simplicity prices starts from £125

COLLECTIONS - our vastly popular collection range favor those that want to add more imagery and story to their wall art. These great additions can to help express the story of a little character or added family fun.

Collection prices start from £195

SESSION FEES - session fees are a small fee paid for photographers studio time *please note this fee does not include images and purely photographer and studio costs only

Portrait session - £30 (60mins)

New Born session - £50 (190mins)

We also offer vouchers starting at the session fee price ranging up to but not limited to £500. If you would like to purchase a voucher from us please get in touch and we can help you with this.


We care for you dearly and this is why we have developed tailored packages to make decisions easier. Our packages are a great way to take the hassle out of not knowing what to purchase, instead we have created a selection of our finest products we feel best suits the session and have bracketed the pricing to suit.

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Wall Products , Print Boxes , Books , and prints … Starting from £195


Wall Products , Print Boxes , Books , and prints … Starting from £125

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Screenshot 2019-02-26 at 21.06.53.png


Wall Products , Print Boxes , Books , and prints … Starting from £225


We want to ensure total creative control throughout and this even comes to complimenting not just your final images to a style of your liking but also to make sure we choose a finish that suits your home decors. Our simplified frame choice leaves for easy picking , as we are catering for homes from vast decor varieties and tastes. We have sourced high quality wood molds for the vintage chic style homes and also catering something for modern with with a sleek pewter timeless finish.



Where applicable we require payment on the day of your photography session. After your session we will schedule a convenient time for you to come back to the studio for your personal viewing appointment, this is normally within 2 weeks from shoot date. Cosy up, relax and enjoy your beautiful images via a slideshow displayed on our 60” TV - if a Package has not been prepaid or decided on yet, to make it easier for you we will have predesigned some product visuals of various styling and within different budget ranges to suit all client budgets.

This process may seem daunting at first, as you will be sure to fall in love with so many but we have a state of the art software enabling an easy and stress free way of selecting your favourites to place into your desired product or wall art.

After products are confirmed a 50% deposit is requirement of the total sale cost which enables your products going into production. We accept most credit/debit cards and also accept cash, paypal or bank transfer for alternative payment methods . Any remaining balance is due in product collect approx (2/3weeks after your 50% deposit). We are proud to be facilitating a new payment plan and finance newly available for installment payment plans (t&c apply)


Find it hard to choose? … We have designed packages and bundles which we feel will best suit your shoot while also saving you money Packages starting from £395 and can be purchased with a deposit of £100 and split payment plan to cover the remainder cost.







When you have booked an appointment the next questions we receive is “What should I wear” or “Is there anything I need to bring?”

This can vary from session to session but our main piece of advice is to wear something that you feel good in, and to keep it simple. We understand that you want to look your best, as these photographs will hang in your home for years to come but we also want them to remain timeless and not pinpoint you to a year with trends and logos.

Try and keep your clothes free from brand names as much as you can, they may be in style now but in years to come you’ll not think it that cool (cue a photo of me top to toe in Tammy Girl, Groovy Chick lol only joking - no one needs to see that)

You can’t go wrong with fabrics like denim, lace, knits and linen as they always in fashion and almost everybody owns a nice pair of jeans, blouse/shirt or a knit jumper. We don’t want you to feel like you have to go an buy a new outfit for an hour in front of the camera.

Another piece of advice we gave to our customers is to keep the family looking in sync, we don’t mean that everyone has to be wearing the same colours or outfits but if one person in the family is smart-casual then we suggest everyone to-do the same, same if it was more formal attire. If someone is wearing a cream top then another can wear a colour than compliments it like a burgundy or a navy as an example. Have a idea of what everyone is going to wear a head of schedule and if you aren’t sure bring a bag with a few items (even if its just 2-3 tops) and we can help you style it.

For New Born Sessions, we also recommend keeping it simple, keep the little ones looking like babies, with some bare skin and little vests. We have beautiful wraps and pieces in studio for our newborns but if you have anything in particular you would like to get the wee ones into bring it along, we can get them in a few outfits. It’s also lovely when parents bring some sentimental items like passed down soft toys or shoes granny might of knitted, it adds a little something to the story.




so you are interested in booking a session with us? There are a number of ways you can do this, firstly you are still unclear on what you want you can book in a free planning consultations appointment here , or if you opt to book without a consultation (some shoots like New Born don’t require this consultation but can be offered if you feel you need more guidance ) to book a full session you can either call directly 07742243231 and get an appointment locked in, book via our fb page or for ease get in touch via our contact us form on the button below


We offer pre-session consultations for anyone who is interested in getting some portraits with us. This consultations is free of charge and normally takes around 30 minutes. You can ask as many questions as you like :) There is no obligation to book at this consultation, this appointment is purely to give you a better idea of what we do, the products we offer and the cost of everything. We can cover your home style and what finishes would best suit that, as well as what you are looking from the photography session and also what clothing is best for you or anyone who steps in front of the camera.

If you are apprehensive about getting your photo taken, a pre-session consultation can be really helpful as it gives you an opportunity to meet Audrey (the photographer) before hand and put you at ease, this is great for any children that might be extra shy or might take strange too (nice to see a face a couple of times before shining some lights on them lol). We have a relaxed environment and we don’t want to put any extra pressure on anyone who doesn’t feel natural getting their photo taken :)

studio session 60mins

We suggest you arrive 10 minutes before your appointment time as this will give you and us time to get set up and introductions to everyone in the party :) Our portrait sessions take one hour we suggest to allow the full hour and not book anything in your day too soon afterwards as we don’t want a stressed or rushed experience for you. We have two background setup , Vintage Chic (the cream/brown tones) and the Classique (grey tone) we can do both in one session but it can take a few minutes to change so if this is something you would like, let us know at the top of the session if possible (sometimes Audrey will suggest this for you anyway)

Our Newborn sessions are 3 hours in length with may seems excessive but with the little ones this is very much needed. This time can give mums and dads a break from their duties while Audrey the baby whisperer can help out. The 3 hours will fly in and you can change and feed them in this time, we like to get them in a deep sleep for all the wee poses - we also suggest 0-8 weeks for our new born as this is there most sleep stages, if we were dreaming we would say 0-3weeks as this is the best stage but we understand that this can be alot to ask of a new mum and kudos to all the mums that do it :)


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