As with our approach to the importance and pride of the finish of our products we carry this on with after care and hanging them to cherish in your home. The frames are mounted at the back with two brackets made for screw/nail hanging and not string as this lets the frames hang flush to the wall giving it a better hang.

When it comes to spacing our collections when hanging we suggest you take your frames (whether it’s one add-on or two) lay them flat on the ground with two inches spacing between each frame, find the center of the complete collection then measure your wall so that the full collection is centered rather than having the main photo centered then the add on frame down the side being off center then.

Be sure to keep the spacing of each frame consistent and we suggest the two inches space as we feel is gives the best effect on the wall - we will have examples of this in studio and will have visuals below for ease of hanging.

Before you get your lovely products home however, we suggest to make room in your vehicle prior to collection as frames etc are fragile and can get easily dented and damaged in transit - having a blanket or soft material to cover them is advised. Once you’ve checked over your products in studio and are happy with everything and agree in the finish and quality of your products we are not liable for any damage of products after this time. We firmly believe in and stand behind our products 100% so should you have any problems before signing off your products we will do everything in our power to rectify this for you.


When cleaning your photo frames we suggest a dry microfiber cloth for the wooden frame to collect any dust as a wet cloth could encourage warping and dust to stick to the frame, however a damp cloth for the glass with some cleaner sprayed directly onto the cloth and not the product itself is advise, so to eliminate any harsh chemicals getting onto the wood frame and keep your products looking as good as the day you got them.