When you have booked an appointment the next questions we receive is “What should I wear” or “Is there anything I need to bring?”

This can vary from session to session but our main piece of advice is to wear something that you feel good in, and to keep it simple. We understand that you want to look your best, as these photographs will hang in your home for years to come but we also want them to remain timeless and not pinpoint you to a year with trends and logos.

Try and keep your clothes free from brand names as much as you can, they may be in style now but in years to come you’ll not think it that cool (cue a photo of me top to toe in Tammy Girl, Groovy Chick lol only joking - no one needs to see that)

You can’t go wrong with fabrics like denim, lace, knits and linen as they always in fashion and almost everybody owns a nice pair of jeans, blouse/shirt or a knit jumper. We don’t want you to feel like you have to go an buy a new outfit for an hour in front of the camera.

Another piece of advice we gave to our customers is to keep the family looking in sync, we don’t mean that everyone has to be wearing the same colours or outfits but if one person in the family is smart-casual then we suggest everyone to-do the same, same if it was more formal attire. If someone is wearing a cream top then another can wear a colour than compliments it like a burgundy or a navy as an example. Have a idea of what everyone is going to wear a head of schedule and if you aren’t sure bring a bag with a few items (even if its just 2-3 tops) and we can help you style it.

For New Born Sessions, we also recommend keeping it simple, keep the little ones looking like babies, with some bare skin and little vests. We have beautiful wraps and pieces in studio for our newborns but if you have anything in particular you would like to get the wee ones into bring it along, we can get them in a few outfits. It’s also lovely when parents bring some sentimental items like passed down soft toys or shoes granny might of knitted, it adds a little something to the story.